Space Saving Hacks

Hang your cookware on wall-mounted storage

You have just freed up a kitchen full of cupboard space – and turned those pots and pans into pieces of installation art. 

Stick with a storage bed

Whether you slide some baskets underneath, or use built in storage – you can hide a lot under the mattress.

Maximise every nook and cranny

Bet you there will be room for at least two shelves in that bathroom.

Install wall sconces in the bedroom

In lieu of floor or table lamps. And as if by magic you have more room on your bedside table or locker [and probably more interesting lighting].

Move the sofa one foot away from the wall

See, you’ve just created room for about one or two small storage boxes behind that sofa.

Join the ‘trunk club’

And the older the better. A vintage trunk will not only store loads of your stuff – it will also double as a most excellent coffee table.

A double-duty door

Turn your fashion choices into pieces of art – hang them on coat hangers on the back of your bedroom door.

Scale the heights

A floor to ceiling bookcase. And if you are more audio than actual books – well, you have just created more room for some other stuff.

Size matters

When you buy knick-knacks to adorn your new home, don’t just think charming – think petit charming.

Goodbye gallery walls

Become a ruthless curator and keep pieces to an absolute minimum (remember that even floor to ceiling bookshelves need space). So move some of those precious pieces onto your iPhone.

February 26, 2021 5:09 am

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